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Workplace Respect Toolkit with supplementary documents

This best practice was first developed in 2004 to support company development of respectful workplace programs. This updated Toolkit released in 2011 remains a best practice that all stakeholders within the Alberta construction industry can adopt and follow. Its goal is to assist companies in building workplaces that are free from unprofessional conduct, harassment and workplace violence – hereinafter called violations of respect. Provided in the Toolkit are a variety of related tools and educational materials that are designed to help companies build and maintain a respectful workplace. Organizations are invited to use the tools and sample policy, and are encouraged to tailor them for their own use through the addition of their names, logos and customization of certain information and procedures. All supporting documents have been merged to this best practice report for easier printing, individual items may still be found in the library.

When the Workplace Respect Toolkit (2011) was first issued/re-issued, this best practice guideline embodied the consensus best thinking in our industry. Many of the principles, procedures, checklists, etc. are still relevant and can be adapted for current use. However, users are cautioned that this best practice has not been updated, so a critical assessment should be made when adapting – in particular, for sections that reference standards, regulations or legislation.

  • Workplace Respect Toolkit – 2011

    • Incident Statement Form
    • Investigator’s Incident and Corrective Action Report
    • Workplace Respect Hazard and Risk Worksite Assessment Form
    • Workplace Respect Site Poster
    • WorkSafe Alberta – Employee Risk Assessment Questionnaire
    • Checklist – Do You Have a Respectful Workplace?
    • Checklist – How to Develop and Implement a Workplace Respect Policy
    • Checklist – Is Your Workplace Respect Policy Enforceable?
    • Workplace Respect Model Policy
    • COAA Field Level Risk Assessment Form
    • Employer Investigation Form
  •  Workplace Respect Handbook- 2011 Edition

Training workshops are provided by Creating People Power Inc. To learn more about Workplace Respect training workshops click here. Interested in reading an article on how Workplace Respect is changing? Click here.


  • Building Respect Works – Issue 5
  • Building Respect Works – Issue 4
  • Building Respect Works – Issue 3
  • Building Respect Works – Issue 2
  • Building Respect Works – Issue 1
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